About the Adam Alabarca Sustainability Speaker Series

Adam pictureAbout the speaker series:
The local Columbia Group of the Sierra Club is proud to present this speaker series in memory of Adam Alabarca, a spirited young activist who volunteered at the Sierra Club until his passing in July of 2003.  The series was created to bring awareness to environmental issues that Adam held dear – among them,  building livable communities and promoting a sustainable future.

The Sierra Club Columbia Group is proud to offer this speaker series in memory of Adam Alabarca and to be working in partnership with Wagging Tale Productions, currently in production on a documentary for PBS called THE PEOPLE FACTOR:  BRINGING POPULATION BACK INTO THE ECONOMIC, SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONVERSATION.

Current Focus:  Population Growth

Currently, the speaker series is focused on the issue of population growth. Speakers in this series are experts in a variety of fields, contributing different viewpoints to help us understand how the many different facets of population growth are connected.  Understanding that this topic can be a controversial issue, the goal of our talks is to present compelling new ways to look at the role population growth has on issues such as sustainability, consumption, human rights, and the environment.  

We hope, through this speaker series, to join people together in sharing Adam’s commitment to building a sustainable world.

Click here to learn about our upcoming event!

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