Announcing the “Finding Ourselves in Nature” Photo Contest!

17490027Get out your cameras and get out in nature!

The Adam Alabarca Speaker Series is proud and very excited to to present to you the

Finding Ourselves in Nature: Photo Contest!

As we lead up into the 2nd speaking event of our series, which delves in the human psychological relationship with the natural world, we are presented with the very intriguing question: What fulfillment do people get from the natural world?

What better way to explore this question than getting out into nature ourselves? Or reexamining past images and reflecting on the moment that led you to bring that camera to your eye to crystalize that moment in time?

Here we have the opportunity to explore and share the moments, the emotions, the connection that we have with the natural world.

Check out this link for more information on the photo contest and stay posted as we update the gallery of photos with samples of your entries! It doesn’t matter what age you are, if you used Photoshop or not, we want to hear from anyone and everyone, so submit your photos and explore your relationship with the natural world!

Finding Ourselves in Nature Photo Contest

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